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(A selection)

Solo works:

… or því var hann Glæfnir gerr (2022) for multiple recorders and pedals; Patricia Michlits
Peripheral point (2021) for 2 celli and electronics; Clara Dietze
Hannevold. Co-composed with Parsa Shomali. Visuals by Juan Qin and Teresa Prati
Kumo no su no ito ni… (2018) for koto,; Fukuhara Sawako
Folketoner frao Hardanger (2017) for tsugarujamisen; Yamauchi Reach
Hotaru no koe (2017) for koto; Fukuhara Sawako
Collage: Thinking good and evil are the halls of Heaven and Hell (2017) for carillion;
Techno Suite (2017) for piano; Ermis Theodorakis

Large ensembles:

The Fuji-variations (2019) for wind orchestra; Sjøforsvarets Musikkorps
Spheres: Filling the Void (2017) for wind orchestra; Sjøforsvarets Musikkorps
The Great Steam Machine (2016) for wind orchestra; Sjøforsvarets Musikkorps

Vocal music:

Rekviemfragmenter for et tre (2020), for violin, harmonium, and voices; Mara Haugen, Sigbjørn Apeland, and audience)
Can we advance? (2019) for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone, bass; Stuttgart Neue Vocalsolisten
7 Blåner (2017) for soprano, alto, tenor, bass, and koto; Harada Nana, Fujii Chikako, Uraka Kyosei, Kinoshita Noriaki, Yokoyama Kayoko
Glazing over (2016) for soprano and piano; Silje Mørch, Lotta Penttilä

Chamber music

Rosseau and Saussure both says writing is a tyranny, but where is the evil? (2022) for accordion and recitator; Jónas Ásgeir Ásgeirsson, Gunnlaugur Bjarnason
Peripheral point (2021) for string quintet; Insimul Sinfonietta
Lausdans (2019) for improvisational jazz ensemble; students of the Grieg Academy. Co-composed with Amund Vaage and Jone Kuven
Golem (2019) for two prepared grand pianos, harpsichord, recorders, electronics; Anders Hannevold, Robin Møllerup Åmdal, Patricia Michlits
Daichi no koe (2018) for koto, oboe, yoshibue, handflute; Fukuhara Sawako, Izumi Kaho
Storyboard rewritten (2016) for hand organ, accordion, conductor, string ensemble; Hans Knut Sveen, Jostein Stalheim, Halldis Rønning, Richardo Odriozola, students of the Grieg Academy. Co-composed with Torbjørn Heide Arnesen, Tor Anders Eli, Alexander Fiske Fosse, Sam Gooderham, Aslak Bjørge Hermstad, Bendik Savstad

Compositions for electronics:

Fantasi (2021)